Rustic Wood Camp Sign

History in the Wood

Engraving wood always reminds me of camp, mainly the smell of a campfire.  It puts a warm feeling in my heart, makes me feel at ease and relaxes me as if I was home.  Camp is my home away from home!  So what better way to finish off this afternoon with engraving a wooden camp sign?  I can’t think of anything I would rather do (other than be at camp myself)! 

Engraving wood signs can be tricky.  You never know how the wood is going to react to the laser engraving.  The kind of wood plays a role, the grain in the wood changes the design, if it is stained, how light or dark it is, hard or soft it is and if there is sap.  No two pieces of wood will ever be the same.  There is just so much character in wood.  I absolutely love it though.  Wood isn’t for everyone and customers need to realize that you may not get what you see on a previewed design.  Besides the inconsistency in engraving multiple pieces, there is the smell.  I am in LOVE with the smell of engraved wood.  Like I said earlier, lol.

Well here are the signs from today … a Rustic Wood Camp Sign & a personalized United States Navy sign with rank.  The wood used in this project has history!  The piece of wood came out of an old house built in the late 1700’s in Watertown, New York, Jefferson County.  The house itself was used in the Underground Railroad.  It is a true piece of history to say the least.


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