Guitar Pickguard

Custom Guitar Pickguards

Yesterday I had the opportunity to design and make custom guitar pickguards!  A challenge for sure … and I challenge I accepted!!

I received the original pickguards off a variety of guitars (not all pictured).  From there I had to take pictures, draft out the shapes.  Lining up every hole, every angle, every curve!  Template after template, piece after piece; these pickguards took a bit of time to get exact.  Finally, I had each piece perfect!  At last I was able to Laser cut the final products out of wine red mirrored acrylic.  Within no time … I had all the pickguards laser cut and ready for engraving.

When you engrave mirror acrylic from the back, it gives off a ghost-like engraving.  You can see the engraving from a certain angle or when the light hits it.  Luckily … that is EXACTLY what the owner had pictured! 

In the end … These came out amazing to say the least and I had another happy client!  

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