Design Your Own Invitation

Are you interested or looking for custom acrylic invitations for your wedding, party or event?  If so, then you have came to the right place!

We are trying to make everything easier for you as a customer, here at Stunning Engraving!

We have developed a form that will walk you through the process of getting a quote and proof image from us.  We ask the questions, you fill in what you know and we will contact you … It’s that simple!


Please check out our customizable acrylic invitations form here.


We can customize your invitation to your standards, specs and dreams.  We really want your custom invitation to reflect your personality, interests or style and theme of the party you are having.  From simple designs to detailed, crazy ideas!  We will not hesitate to try our best to fulfil your ideas and specs on a very unique invitation.


Check out our invitation gallery of past invitations & examples here.


Personalized Acrylic Wedding Open Bar Drink Tokens

Want to offer an open bar at your wedding, but you are on a tight budget?  How about having Drink Tokens that limits the number of “Free” drinks your guest will have on your expense.

These clear acrylic engraved drink tokens can be personalized and designed to your specifications.  Email us for more information.

Acrylic Wedding Table Number Inspired By Beauty And The Beast Themed Wedding Reception

Clear Acrylic Wedding Table Numbers … Inspired By A Beauty And The Beast Themed Wedding Reception.

Starting off a Monday with magical wedding décor that can be used as a table number and centerpiece for your guests dinner tables.

All items are custom made to your specifications.  Amaze your guest and personalize every item.  Reserved Table Signs can also be an option to table décor (If you are not assigning seats and numbering tables).  For example … “Reserved for The Smith Family” or “Reserved for the Brides Parents” can be added to any design, enhanced with LED lighting or even laser cut like some of our cake toppers and escort cards!  Your imagination is the limit.  Run your ideas by us and let us help design & make your wedding décor today!



Rustic Wood Camp Sign

Engraving wood always reminds me of camp, mainly the smell of a campfire.  It puts a warm feeling in my heart, makes me feel at ease and relaxes me as if I was home.  Camp is my home away from home!  So what better way to finish off this afternoon with engraving a wooden camp sign?  I can’t think of anything I would rather do (other than be at camp myself)! 

Engraving wood signs can be tricky.  You never know how the wood is going to react to the laser engraving.  The kind of wood plays a role, the grain in the wood changes the design, if it is stained, how light or dark it is, hard or soft it is and if there is sap.  No two pieces of wood will ever be the same.  There is just so much character in wood.  I absolutely love it though.  Wood isn’t for everyone and customers need to realize that you may not get what you see on a previewed design.  Besides the inconsistency in engraving multiple pieces, there is the smell.  I am in LOVE with the smell of engraved wood.  Like I said earlier, lol.

Well here are the signs from today … a Rustic Wood Camp Sign & a personalized United States Navy sign with rank.  The wood used in this project has history!  The piece of wood came out of an old house built in the late 1700’s in Watertown, New York, Jefferson County.  The house itself was used in the Underground Railroad.  It is a true piece of history to say the least.


Guitar Pickguard

Yesterday I had the opportunity to design and make custom guitar pickguards!  A challenge for sure … and I challenge I accepted!!

I received the original pickguards off a variety of guitars (not all pictured).  From there I had to take pictures, draft out the shapes.  Lining up every hole, every angle, every curve!  Template after template, piece after piece; these pickguards took a bit of time to get exact.  Finally, I had each piece perfect!  At last I was able to Laser cut the final products out of wine red mirrored acrylic.  Within no time … I had all the pickguards laser cut and ready for engraving.

When you engrave mirror acrylic from the back, it gives off a ghost-like engraving.  You can see the engraving from a certain angle or when the light hits it.  Luckily … that is EXACTLY what the owner had pictured! 

In the end … These came out amazing to say the least and I had another happy client!  


Right now I have been putting a list together of different themed weddings.  Why?  Because I am thinking about new things to make out of acrylic and wood!

Here’s my List of themes I want to expand on …

  • Romantic
  • Fairytale
  • Love
    • Hearts | Kisses | X’s & O’s
  • Lucky | Four Leaf Clovers
  • Decades
    • 20’s | 50’s | Records | 60’s | 70’s | 80’s
  • Musical
    • Rock Your World | Instruments
  • Garden
    • Sunflowers | Daises | Lilies | Roses
  • Beach
    • Starfish | Shell | Sand | Boat | Anchor | Tie The Knot | Flip Flops | Sun | Dolphin | Fish
  • Sports
    • Baseball | Basket Ball | Football
  • Military
  • Travel
    • Paris | World | Vintage Travel
  • Vintage
  • Modern
    • Simple | Elegant
  • Country
    • Rustic | Barn | Rustic Chic | Sweet Rustic Camp | Chalk | Mason Jar | Lemonade | Sweet Tea 
  • Circus | Festival
  • Comic Book | Super Hero
  • Seasons
    • Summer | Midsummer Night | A Starry Night
    • Fall | Autumn | Leaves | Apples
    • Winter | Golden Winter | Ice Blue Winter | Winter Wonderland | Snowflakes | Frozen
    • Spring | Flowers | Rain
  • Holidays
    • Halloween | Patriotic | Irish | Shamrocks | Christmas
  • Animals
    • Bear | Fox | Deer | Dogs | Cats | Horses | Birds
  • Drinks
    • Beer | Wine | Mason jar | Champagne | Hurricane Glass
  • Movies


Have any more suggestions?  What would you like to see more of?


Edge Lit Acrylic Wedding Seating Chart

Thinking about making a seating chart for your upcoming wedding?  Amaze your guest with our original Clear Acrylic – Edge Lit – LED Wedding Reception Table Seating Charts!

The LED Seating Chart will be the center of attention before the Newly Weds arrive.  These charts will easily guide your guest to their seat as they walk into the Wedding Reception.  Get matching Engraved Place Cards for your guest will have a memorable keepsake from your wedding too!

About the LED Wedding Reception Table Seating Charts:

Your guests names are Engraved into 24″ x 18″ acrylic panel(s) and then lit up with the LED color of your choice.

LED Light Color Options

  • White
  • Warm White (like a candle light)
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • None

Design – Pick a design from our seating charts, have one designed by us to fit your theme or send us your own design.

Lead Time – Three Weeks (Need it faster??  Rush orders can be done at an additional fee, please contact us as soon as possible).

Material Options

  • Clear Acrylic
  • Mirrored Acrylic
  • Black Foam Board
  • Other (have something else in mind? Like wood, leather, frosted acrylic, etc.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can make it for you!)

**These are a great keepsake after the wedding.  Hang on your wall to remember your memorable day.  At your request, we can put holes in the panel so you can easily hang these on wall after your special day.**






Custom Acrylic Invitations

It’s not going to be a typical get together … you want something MEMORABLE … something that STANDS OUT amongst every other party you have attended.

An invitation is one of the first things your guest will see for your party.  Do you want to start off your party right and give them a small glimpse of what your party will be like?  If you do, then you have come to the right place!  Every order is handmade.  Mainly Laser Engraved or Laser Cut.  We take pride in the bespoke craftsmanship we put into each and every order.  Astonishing our customers and their guest with our work.  That’s what we do.

Our own designs, Our clients Designs … we will help create an elegant invitation.

We are not limited to what you see.  This is just a small glimpse at what we can do.  Please contact us for custom & designed Lucite (acrylic) invitations.


Sweeter engravings are happening today!  We are engraving bottles of maple syrup today for Farmhouse Maple in Dexter, NY.

Please check out their product at or take the trip out to Dexter, NY and check out their store.  It’s a drive worth taking!